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On A Cloudy Day.....
othsmikosspring2020project13 On A Cloudy Day..... public
Research Question: Through this experiment we want to answer the question: how many discs will rise to the top in 15 minutes for both cups.
Phosphorus Absorption in Developing Monocots and Dicots
Research Question: Which type of seed uses more phosphorus?
Photosynthesis Lab
othsmikosspring2020project8 Photosynthesis Lab public
Research Question: Will the leaves perform photosynthesis if the water is cold? How will this effect the process and speed of the leaves that float?
Photosynthesis lab
othsmikosspring2020project9 Photosynthesis lab public
Research Question: Will adding more baking soda make photosynthesis occur faster? We came up with it because we didn’t have a lot of time the first time to test it...
Photosynthesis Water Solutions
othsmikosspring2020project4 Photosynthesis Water Solutions public
Research Question: If we add salt or sugar to baking soda water, will that make the plants perform photosynthesis quicker?
othsmikosspring2020project12 photosynthesisrocks public
Research Question: How does certain types of lights(LED or iridescent) effect the disks and baking soda solution? We want to know what light is the best to use when...
Plant Gangggg
othsmikosspring2020project18 Plant Gangggg public
Research Question: We want to see if more baking soda(carbon dioxide) with make the leaves preform photosynthesis faster. This relates to the real world example of...
Plant Guardians
othsmikosspring2020project11 Plant Guardians public
Research Question: Will a closer lamp maks photosynthesis faster? We thought about trees being closer up to the sun so we were wondering if the trees did it faster.
Planting Colored Lamps
othsmikosspring2020project20 Planting Colored Lamps public
Research Question: Which incandescent light (white and red) will increase the process of photosynthesis? Certain lights affected by the color could change the length...
Potater Squad
bcsboylespring2020project1 Potater Squad public
Research Question: Which is better to water a corn plant with, Gatorade or Miracle grow?
Salt Water and Photosynthesis
othsmikosspring2020project17 Salt Water and Photosynthesis public
Research Question: Does salt water or freshwater increase the production of photosynthesis?
Speedy Swim Plants
othsmikosspring2020project24 Speedy Swim Plants public
Research Question: We want to test how fast plants do photosynthesis in different solutions. The real world relevance of this question is that the energy plants make...
Sun Movement
othsmikosspring2020project7 Sun Movement public
Research Question: How does the angle of the sun affect the plants process to perform photosynthesis?
TEAm photosynthesis
othsmikosspring2020project19 TEAm photosynthesis public
Research Question: We are testing to see if and how fast photosynthesis occurs if the water used is polluted. We are doing this by switching the water to tea....
The Backyardigans
bcsboylespring2020project4 The Backyardigans public
Research Question: Question: How would the nasturtium seeds be affected if we watered them with watered-down food coloring?
the corn pals
bcsboylespring2020project8 the corn pals public
Research Question: Question: Would adding spices to the water affect the growth of the plant?
The Effect of ACC on the Salinity Tolerance of Sea Oats
Research Question: Our group is researching the effect that 1-aminocyclopropane 1-carboxylate, also known as ACC, has on the salinity tolerance of sea oats. We came...
The Effect of Antibiotics on Raphanus sativus Seed Growth
Research Question: What is the effect of different concentrations of antibiotics on the seed growth of Raphanus sativus?
The Effect of Beneficial Microbes on the Growth of Pea Plants
The Effect of Mycorrhizae on Banana Seed Growth and Survival Against Fusarium oxysporum
Research Question: We want to test how the bananas could be affected by the disease Fusarium oxysporum and whether Mycorrhizae would reduce the effects of the disease...
The Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on the Root and Shoot Growth in Fagopyrum esculentum
Research Question: Does nitrogen based fertilizer or phosphorus based fertilizer have a better effect on the root and shoot growth of buckwheat?
The Effect of Osmo and Hormone Priming on Germination and Seed Reserve Utilization of Millet Seeds Under Drought Stress
Research Question: What is the effect of seed priming with osmo and hormone priming on growth and seed reserve utilization of millet seeds under drought stress?
The Effect of Polonium-210, Strontium-90, and Cobalt-60 on Pisum sativum Germination and Growth
Research Question: We want to test if the radiation will help the pea plants grow more than the pea plant control group. We decided to use radiation because our...
The Effect of Seed Mass on the Susceptibility of Pisum sativum to Red Clover Phytotoxins
Research Question: Will different seed masses change the susceptibility of weeds to red clover phytotoxins? Red clover phytotoxins are notorious for killing weeds,...
The Effect of the AG1 Gene on Rice Seed Cultivars on Underwater Germination Rates
Research Question: Many plants, such as rice, can grow in underwater conditions. The AG1 gene was found in these underwater plants, which prolong survival rates when...