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Edgy Sunflowers
sffsmelmanspring2019project3 Edgy Sunflowers public
Research Question: How does "acid rain" a affect the germination of a seed.
dmsgrayspring2019project28 Friyay public
Research Question: How much water does it take for a plant to be fully germinated. We came up with it by just really digging in what to do between light and water...
dmsstiemspring2019project12 GGJS public
Research Question: Will the amount of light effect the rate of germination?
bcsboylespring2019project6 GrasshopperGang public
Research Question: We want to test to see which pea plant faster grows than the others. We want to see how different soil types can affect the germination process....
Green Growers
bcsboylespring2019project4 Green Growers public
Research Question: We want to study the growth of plants in or out of soil. To see if it actually needs soil or if the depth of the soil will affect it. we want to...
grizzly fish
dmsstiemspring2019project29 grizzly fish public
Research Question: Which type of water (salt, sugar, fertilizer, or tap) would make a pea germinate faster?
Hammer Thyme
nebuzzellspring2019project16 Hammer Thyme public
Research Question: How does 24 hrs. of light rather than 1hr and 7.5 hrs. effect the leaves and the growth of the nasturtium plants.
Happy Honeysuckles
nebuzzellspring2019project13 Happy Honeysuckles public
Research Question: Our research question for our group is how southern plants can survive and how they will act differently during a drought season. This is...
Harvard dropout's
dmsgrayspring2019project1 Harvard dropout's public
Research Question: Can a corn plant grow under filtered light?
Heat Risers
whswinsteadspring2019project4 Heat Risers public
Research Question: How does the temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis?
Honors Biology Team 3
dcrhsmcmullenspring2019proje3 Honors Biology Team 3 public
Research Question: Is celery discoloration caused by salt?
Hungry?!?! Have A Snickers!!!
dmsgrayspring2019project12 Hungry?!?! Have A Snickers!!! public
Research Question: How will the amount of fertilizer in soil effect the speed of germination on a nasterium flower?
sffstantocospring2019project4 JEJO public
Research Question: How will plants grow differently with different levels of exposure to light? Why do these plants do this? How could it benefit the plant
dmsstiemspring2019project22 KCJM public
Research Question: How do different variations of water affect the germination of plants?
Kora, Lucas, Hailey, Aj
dmsgrayspring2019project5 Kora, Lucas, Hailey, Aj public
Research Question: Does sand mixed with soil effect the process of germination?
Krispy Kream
dmsgrayspring2019project8 Krispy Kream public
Research Question: 1. What seeds germinate the fastest 2. Does the amount of water used effect how fast the seeds germinate 3. Does the amount of sunlight used...
dmsgrayspring2019project14 LampHydraAquaOttersPajamas public
Research Question: How does the amount of sand in the soil affect the germination speed of an alfalfa plant?
Lazy Llama's
dmsgrayspring2019project27 Lazy Llama's public
Research Question: How does the amount of soil a seed has effect the time it takes to germinate?
dmsgrayspring2019project17 MACK public
Research Question: How does light intensity affect seed germination?
MANJ !!!!!!
dmsstiemspring2019project25 MANJ !!!!!! public
Research Question: How does the amount of water affect the germination rate of alfalfa seeds?
MHS Project 3
mhsmirandaspring2019project3 MHS Project 3 public
Research Question: What is the impact different worm species have on soil and thus plant growth?
mhsmirandaspring2019 project 2
mhsmirandaspring2019project2 mhsmirandaspring2019 project 2 public
Research Question: What solvents will affect the growth of plants?
mhsmirandaspring2019 project 5
mhsmirandaspring2019project5 mhsmirandaspring2019 project 5 public
Research Question: Do earthworms help increase the growth in radish taproot? We wanted to fully understand how worms assist in plant growth, therefore we chose that...
mhsmirandaspring2019 project 6
mhsmirandaspring2019project6 mhsmirandaspring2019 project 6 public
Research Question: We want to test how plants react to different types of soil. we came up with these questions by brainstorming with my colleagues. The questions we...
bchsderrigogravesspring2019p1 Mighty-Chondrias public
Research Question: If a seed is given a more abundant supply of nutrients, will the seed grow faster?