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bhstaborspring2020 project7.3
bhstaborspring2020project24 bhstaborspring2020 project7.3 public
Research Question: How will high and low nutrient levels effect the length of the Bassica Rapa roots? We were wondering about the function of the roots and how it...
Big Leaf Team
othsmikosspring2020project1 Big Leaf Team public
Research Question: How does the size of a leaf effect the amount of photosynthesis performed. This pertains to the real world because we want to if trees need more...
Climate Change Photosynthesis Project
othsmikosspring2020project10 Climate Change Photosynthesis Project public
Research Question: How do climate change and rising temperatures affect plants and the process of photosynthesis?
Dowing Fotosithesis Lik Smrat Pepole
othsmikosspring2020project15 Dowing Fotosithesis Lik Smrat Pepole public
Research Question: We want to test how the amount of carbon that plants are exposed to effects photosynthesis. We want to know if more carbon dioxide will make...
Fast Leaves
othsmikosspring2020project3 Fast Leaves public
Research Question: We were curious about if different light colors and intensities affect the process of photosynthesis. We already know that light exposure and...
Genesis 1:29 Dahlia
bcsboylespring2020project2 Genesis 1:29 Dahlia public
Research Question: Question: If we use different types of liquids, which plant will grow the tallest?
Happy Hippos
vcsgeorgespring2020project3 Happy Hippos public
Research Question: Which produces a greater yield in lettuce plants when comparing aquaponics to hydroponics?
hvchsluccispring2020 project 1
hvchsluccispring2020project1 hvchsluccispring2020 project 1 public
Research Question: We want to test how infected potatoes fare under different pH conditions. This information could be important to understand how bacteria can cause...
hvchsluccispring2020 project 4
hvchsluccispring2020project4 hvchsluccispring2020 project 4 public
Research Question: How does potato mass effect the degree of rot by soft rot bacteria?
hvchsluccispring2020 project 6
hvchsluccispring2020project6 hvchsluccispring2020 project 6 public
Research Question: See Slide Presentation
Jesus Freaks!
bcsboylespring2020project7 Jesus Freaks! public
Research Question: Will electrolytes affect the thickness of the stem and the length of the stems?
Katy Perry's 2008 Grammy award winning hit, "Hot or Cold"
Research Question: Does temperature affect the rate which plants do photosynthesis? It shows if plants in colder in weather do photosynthesis faster than plants in...
Light Quality for Photosynthesis
othsmikosspring2020project14 Light Quality for Photosynthesis public
Research Question: Our question is can light quality affect plant growth? People who grow plants inside have to use unnatural lighting. We want to see which type of...
bcsboylespring2020project6 M.A.E public
Research Question: What if we put the plant Nasturtium under different colored lights. Our dependent variable is, if the color of the lights change the plant’s...
mhsmirandaspring2020 (project 11)
mhsmirandaspring2020project11 mhsmirandaspring2020 (project 11) public
Research Question: We want to test and study the effects and outcomes of different plant growths. What improves plant growth, worms or compost? The way we came up...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 1
mhsmirandaspring2020project1 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 1 public
Research Question: How does the temperature of water affect plant growth?
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 10
mhsmirandaspring2020project10 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 10 public
Research Question: Will radishes grow with different types of liquids besides water?
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 2
mhsmirandaspring2020project2 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 2 public
Research Question: How can abiotic stress affect radish when exposed to temperature, light, and water ? How we came up with this question was during lesson about...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 3
mhsmirandaspring2020project3 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 3 public
Research Question: We want to test different types of soil, store bought and natural to see what kind of soil help our radish grow quicker. We came up with this...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 4
mhsmirandaspring2020project4 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 4 public
Research Question: Our question is “Will a plant with earthworms in its soil grow better, worse or the same as a plant without earthworms in its soil?”. We know that ...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 5
mhsmirandaspring2020project5 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 5 public
Research Question: Our class essential question is: How can agronomy feed the world? Our specific question to our experiment is: Under what type of light do radish...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 6
mhsmirandaspring2020project6 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 6 public
Research Question: How can soil amendments influence plant growth?
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 7
mhsmirandaspring2020project7 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 7 public
Research Question: Which type of worm will give the most nutrients to the MHS ground soil to grow radishes?
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 8
mhsmirandaspring2020project8 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 8 public
Research Question: How can agronomy Feed the World?
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 9
mhsmirandaspring2020project9 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 9 public
Research Question: How will growing radishes with worms be any different from growing radishes without worms?We will be testing our plant with large crawlers and...