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lostinderfall2020 project 14
lostinderfall2020project14 lostinderfall2020 project 14 public
Research Question: if we add rocks to our soil will it effect plant growth?
lostinderfall2020 project 15
lostinderfall2020project15 lostinderfall2020 project 15 public
Research Question: What would happens if you use fake lights?
lostinderfall2020 project 4
lostinderfall2020project4 lostinderfall2020 project 4 public
Research Question: How does water temperature affect plants' growth? We are growing golden lentils (or Lens esculenta).
othsmikosfall2020 project 12
othsmikosfall2020project12 othsmikosfall2020 project 12 public
Research Question: We want to know if sugar will make celery bendy, leave the celery in its normal state, or make it more stiff. We came up with the question from...
othsmikosfall2020 project 6
othsmikosfall2020project6 othsmikosfall2020 project 6 public
Research Question: The question we are trying to answer in this lab is if adding more salt to the boiling water will make the celery more flexible. We used data from...
othsmikosfall2020 project 7
othsmikosfall2020project7 othsmikosfall2020 project 7 public
Research Question: How can you make the bendiest celery? To come up with this question we used the prompt we were given and turned it into a question.
Our Project
lostinderfall2020project3 Our Project public
Research Question: Will changing the amount of light our plants get affect its growth?
Peas That Plant People
lostinderfall2020project7 Peas That Plant People public
Research Question: How will different amounts of water affect the growth of a pea plant?
Plant Cats
bcsboylefall2020project2 Plant Cats public
Research Question: If we use the energy drink on both plants. Than we think Buckwheat will grow best.
Planting Scince 16
camsdavisafwfall2020project6 Planting Scince 16 public
Research Question: Final Research Question Is there a limit to how much Potassium soil can absorb and at what point does the Potassium become detrimental to the...
Science Worms
othsmikosfall2020project14 Science Worms public
Research Question: How does temperature affect how much ½ stalk of celery curls?​ We used our prior knowledge from the previous lab, which showed that salt can help...
Sugar High
camsdaviswosfall2020project4 Sugar High public
Research Question: What is the influence of sugar on germination and early plant growth?
SuperScience Group 15
othsmikosfall2020project15 SuperScience Group 15 public
Research Question: Does adding more salt and letting the celery sit longer make the celery more flexible? We used results from the last lab to make a research question.
Team 5 E,K,T
othsmikosfall2020project5 Team 5 E,K,T public
Research Question: What celery width makes the celery most bendy? We chose to determine the curliness of the celery by the width because we thought that the skinnier...
Team Pickle
iamsciupekfall2020project1 Team Pickle public
Research Question: Will a water needing seed grow if we put fire on it? We know that some seeds need fire and some need water to soften their seed coat. The reason...
the bean squad
bcsboylefall2020project5 the bean squad public
Research Question: If we use Gatorade , water, and Powerade Zero, to water buckwheat we think that Gatorade will help grow Buckwheat the best.
bcsboylefall2020project1 THE COUNCIL OF JIMOTHY public
Research Question: we want to see which light will help the plant and which will kill the plant. well we thought of how the sun has a lot of different colors. so we...
The Planters
lostinderfall2020project6 The Planters public
Research Question: We want to know what happens if we grow our plants in rocks and dirt that's mostly wood chips. Which will be taller? Which one needs more water?...
The sprouts
lostinderfall2020project2 The sprouts public
Research Question: How will the temperature in the room change how a pea plant grows?
The three daisy's
bcsboylefall2020project4 The three daisy's public
Research Question: If we grow a dicot or monocot in a container then the monocot might grow faster.
Why so salty?
lostinderfall2020project16 Why so salty? public
Research Question: Will watering the plant with salt water affect how the plant grows?