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The Chad Lads
whswinsteadspring2019project3 The Chad Lads public
Research Question: Does the pH level of water affect the rate of photosynthesis?
The Cowboys (and GIrls) *Yee Yee
dmsstiemspring2019project5 The Cowboys (and GIrls) *Yee Yee public
Research Question: How does the amount of pollution in water affect the growth rate of germination in a plant?
The Drizzled Dragon Trees
nebuzzellspring2019project10 The Drizzled Dragon Trees public
Research Question: Do different amounts of light affect the plants' growth? , One 1/2 covered, one full in sun, and one with so sun, and something with a lamp to...
The Effect of Light Intensities on Plants and Their Overall Growth and Health.
Research Question: The purpose of this experiment is to determine if different intensities of light affect plant growth. A negative result would be interesting...
The Genuine Geniuses
dmsgrayspring2019project11 The Genuine Geniuses public
Research Question: How does the quality of soil affect the time it takes for a seed to germinate?
the lemongrasses
dmsstiemspring2019project15 the lemongrasses public
Research Question: Which plant will germinate first Nasturtium, Corn, or Alfalfa?
the lightning sharks
whswinsteadspring2019project5 the lightning sharks public
Research Question: How does water temperature affect rates of photosynthesis?
The Little Einsteins
whswinsteadspring2019project1 The Little Einsteins public
Research Question: Our group will study how the amount of baking soda in distilled water affects the rate of photosynthesis.
The Little Potato
dmsgrayspring2019project6 The Little Potato public
Research Question: How does the amount of light affect how ryegrass germinates?
The Pearl Millet's
nebuzzellspring2019project3 The Pearl Millet's public
Research Question: Our research question is, can pearl millets grow in different water temperatures? We want to test this by putting all the plants under the same...
The Perfect Purple Pea Pods
nebuzzellspring2019project7 The Perfect Purple Pea Pods public
Research Question: What is a healthy PH range for a pea plant?
The Pickles
dmsstiemspring2019project24 The Pickles public
Research Question: How does the amount of water affect the rate of germination?
The Pineapples
dmsstiemspring2019project27 The Pineapples public
Research Question: How does the temperature of water affect how fast a plant germinates?
The plant peeps
dmsstiemspring2019project19 The plant peeps public
Research Question: how does the depth of the soil the seed is planted in affect the percentage of germination?
The Sister Science Squad
dmsgrayspring2019project7 The Sister Science Squad public
Research Question: Which seed germinates faster between buck wheat and corn?
The Super Sprouting Soybeans
nebuzzellspring2019project14 The Super Sprouting Soybeans public
Research Question: Our question is: will buckwheat, rye grass, or alfalfa tolerate salt water? In other words, how will the exposure of salt water affect the growth...
The Titans
mhsmirandaspring2019project4 The Titans public
Research Question: Our goal is to find out whether or not the intensity of light exposure will affect the growth rate of the plant. If we expose the subject to...
The Wildcats
dmsgrayspring2019project21 The Wildcats public
Research Question: What are the best conditions for the germination of a seed?
dmsstiemspring2019project8 TheFunnyBunnys public
Research Question: So we had three questions the first one is the one we stuck with 1. Which germinates faster Nasturtium or Rye grass? 2. Which makes the Pea...
dmsgrayspring2019project20 ThePlanters public
Research Question: what seed will germinate faster if you out the seeds at different depths of soil
TJK Glaciers
dmsgrayspring2019project23 TJK Glaciers public
Research Question: How does the amount of water affect the rate of germination?
Tubular Thyme
nebuzzellspring2019project9 Tubular Thyme public
Research Question: How much salt can Ryegrass and Alfalfa withstand?
dmsstiemspring2019project11 W.N.M.C. public
Research Question: Out of three different species of plants, which species will germinate the fastest?
whsgiancioppospring2019 project 12
whsgiancioppospring2019proje12 whsgiancioppospring2019 project 12 public
Research Question: How will the power of wind on a plant affect its growth?
dmsstiemspring2019project10 yeehaw public
Research Question: Does the amount of salt you water a plant with affect the rate of germination