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mhsmirandaspring2020 project 5
mhsmirandaspring2020project5 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 5 public
Research Question: Our class essential question is: How can agronomy feed the world? Our specific question to our experiment is: Under what type of light do radish...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 3
mhsmirandaspring2020project3 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 3 public
Research Question: We want to test different types of soil, store bought and natural to see what kind of soil help our radish grow quicker. We came up with this...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 12
mhsmirandaspring2020project12 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 12 public
Research Question: We want to test how crucial water is to plants. We want to learn the side effects of adding the appropriate amount of water, little to no water,...
mhsmirandaspring2020 project 1
mhsmirandaspring2020project1 mhsmirandaspring2020 project 1 public
Research Question: How does the temperature of water affect plant growth?
mhsmirandaspring2020 (project 11)
mhsmirandaspring2020project11 mhsmirandaspring2020 (project 11) public
Research Question: We want to test and study the effects and outcomes of different procedures such as no water, too much water, manure, calciworms, and plant light....