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10: ~ Los Planters ~ Featured
lostinderfall2018project10 10: ~ Los Planters ~ public
Research Question: How do different pH levels affect seed growth?
Alpha Echo Zulu Featured
ossstephensfall2017project4 Alpha Echo Zulu public
Research Question: We are planning on researching how soil compaction affects the growth and germination of a corn seed. We chose this question because we wanted to...
bhsdobsonfall2019 project 4 Featured
bhsdobsonfall2019project4 bhsdobsonfall2019 project 4 public
Research Question: Do different plants photosynthesize at different rates?
Bubble Guppies Featured
mhsmirandaspring2019project1 Bubble Guppies public
Research Question: We have decided to test which way of planting is the best between hydroponics, aquaponics, or the conventional way of planting. We came up with...
nebuzzellspring2019project12 CACTUS-RØSE public
Research Question: How does soil salinity effect seed germination?
CEMT ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Featured
dmsgrayspring2019project3 CEMT ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* public
Research Question: Does the type of seed affect how fast the seed germinates?
Cheery Cherry Blossoms Featured
nebuzzellspring2018project10 Cheery Cherry Blossoms public
Research Question: Do you need the entire seed to grow a strong, healthy plant? We came up with this question because sometimes animals will eat part of a seed or a...
Crazy Coconuts :) Featured
nebuzzell9 Crazy Coconuts :) public
Research Question: We want to study the affect of different soil temperatures on plant growth. We came up with this question because we were wondering how different...
Ducks29 Featured
bhmskosmoskifall2017project14 Ducks29 public
Research Question: we want to find out how to curl a celery plant
lostinderfall2018project1 EL DRAGON FRUITIES public
Research Question: What pea seed germinates and then grows the best? Is it a sanded down seed, nicked seed, or an untouched seed? (not really untouched, just not...
Elongata Featured
vfjshweissfall2018project1 Elongata public
Research Question: How much water can our soil/sand mixture retain? If we add the same amount of water to both mixtures, how will the soil moisture differentiate? We...
esdgallofall2017 project 2 Featured
esdgallofall2017project2 esdgallofall2017 project 2 public
fchslashspring2019 project 7 Featured
fchslashspring2019project7 fchslashspring2019 project 7 public
Research Question: What is the different amounts of pollen in the atmosphere?
Fern Avengers Featured
chsparfittspring2018project7 Fern Avengers public
Research Question: How can we impact the haploid generation of C ferns?
Friyay Featured
dmsgrayspring2019project28 Friyay public
Research Question: How much water does it take for a plant to be fully germinated. We came up with it by just really digging in what to do between light and water and...
GEHS Beardsley Hr7 Team1 Featured
gehsbeardsleyhr GEHS Beardsley Hr7 Team1 public
Research Question: What genotypes for arabidopsis thaliana are more apt to grow in a human contaminated environment?
gehsbeardsleyfall2017 project 2 Featured
gehsbeardsleyfall2017project2 gehsbeardsleyfall2017 project 2 public
GLCPS Cost Team 1 Featured
glcpscostteam1 GLCPS Cost Team 1 public
GLCPS Team 7 Featured
glcpscost7 GLCPS Team 7 public
Group Name Featured
period1group6 Group Name public
Research Question: We want to test what kind of (artificial) light increases the rate of photosynthesis the most. This question fits what we know about the topic...
Herb Your Enthusiasm Featured
sjalodesfall2018project3 Herb Your Enthusiasm public
Research Question: We want to study glucose levels in parsley leaves. We will be using iodine solution to find out where the glucose is stored in the leaf (stored as...
HTHS Team #16 - The Effect of Vortexing on the Sprouting Rate of Fast Plant Seeds Featured
Research Question: Research Question: Does vortexing of Wisconsin Fast Plant seeds affect their growth rates? We are studying/experimenting to see if the growth of...
hthsrochefall2018 project 1 Featured
hthsrochefall2018project1 hthsrochefall2018 project 1 public
Research Question: Our team would eventually like to investigate how many generations of selective breeding might be required to obtain a generation of plants with...
hvchsluccispring2018 project 7 Featured
hvchsluccispring2018project7 hvchsluccispring2018 project 7 public
Research Question: (none)
hvchsuclesfall2018 project 9 Featured
hvchsuclesfall2018project9 hvchsuclesfall2018 project 9 public
Research Question: Does the distance from a big pollinator population(beehive) affect the pollination