Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore We know that plants need sunlight and water. In class we discovered that plants use cellular respiration and photosynthesis to function. We are curious to learn about what factors effect the growth and development of plants.
Research Question Does using liquid fertilizer versus pellet fertilizer effect the growth and development of our plants? We wanted to change something having to do with the water the plant is getting and our teacher suggested we use a liquid fertilizer. This question will branch off what we already know about how nutrients and fertilizer effects plants but it will also give us information on how different types of fertilizer effect plants.
Predictions We predict that the plant won't grow as well with the liquid fertilizer because there won't be as much water going to the plant. When we add the liquid fertilizer that will take up some of the space where water would have been and with that lack of water the plant won't grow as well.
Experimental Design We have 2 planters already with a high and low level of nutrients but these plants have a pellet fertilizer in the soil. We will make 2 more planters with the same high and low levels of nutrients but we will add the liquid fertilizer into the water well. We are going to measure the length of the plants, record the color of the leaves, and measure the length of the cotyledon for both sets of different fertilized plants. We will keep the distance from light constant, and the same planting process constant. We will take pictures and ave tables to record our data.