bhstaborspring2020 project7.2

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore We know plants need water, sun and nutrients to grow. We would like to know if the level of nutrients can change the amount of offspring when our plant gets to that point.
Research Question What affects will high and low nutrient levels have on the growth of brassicarapa? How will high and low nutrient levels affect the amount of seed pods and seeds?
Predictions The plants with the high amounts of nutrients will have more seed pods and seeds then the plants with low amounts of nutrients
Experimental Design Our plan is to observe the number of seed pods and number of seeds in Brassica Rapa and how nutrient levels can affect them. Our independent variable is the level of nutrients in each planter. There is a planter with high and low amount of nutrients in each. The dependent variable is number of seed pods and seeds that form when the plants get to that point. We will record this by counting seed pods and opening them to count seeds.