bhstaborspring2020 project6.2

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore We know from just our experiences that plants photosynthesize using our CO2 and sunlight to produce O2. In the classroom we learned more about that in class. We learned how the plant also needs H2O and produces Glucose which humans use for Cellular respiration to produce ATP for energy.
Research Question Besides researching the effects of nutritional level on the growth and development, our group is going to research specifically the seed count in the seed pods after they have fully developed. We came up with this question out of the blue, because we wanted to. This relates to the main research question because the number of seeds is the number of seeds relates to the development of a plant.
Predictions The possible outcomes of this experiment will be: The plants with more fertilizer will give off more seeds. This will happen because of the nutritional value it gives to the plants. They grow quicker so it will give more time for them to produce seeds.
Experimental Design 1: While seed pods are fully developed carefully shine a bright flashlight through the seed pods. 2: while looking into each pod with the light count the amount of seeds you can see within the pod. 3: Record the amount of seeds in each pod on each plant. 4: After all info is recorded CAREFULLY pick each pod of their plant (Make sure the pods stay separate and are labeled to which plant they belong to). 5: CAREFULLY break open each pod so as to not lose any seeds. Count the amount of seeds in each pod. Record this number. 6: Compare the numbers from the light source and opening the seed pods. You should have the same number.