4.6 baby plant project

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore Outside of school we know that plants are constantly growing, and undergoing cellular respiration and photosynthesis. In class we have learned that different amounts of nutrients will affect the growth and development of plants. Also some of the same species of plants can have different genes. Like purple, and green stems, and there are also green and yellow-green stems.
Research Question We want to measure the diameter of the plants’ stem. We will do this by getting a ruler and measuring it from one side of the stem to the other.
Predictions The plants exposed by high nutrients will grow faster and develop faster. The plants will also stay alive for longer. Since the plants have a high amount of nutrients the plants would be able to go crazy with their take in of nutrients. Causing them to grow faster.
Experimental Design Our plan is to measure the difference in growth of the stem of plants exposed to high nutrients and the plants exposed to low nutrients. We will test the diameter of the stem, we will measure it as explained in the research question. The variables that we will keep constant are the amount of plants in each cup, and the amount of soil in each cup. We will record it in the same data tables as our daily growth measurement.