4.3 plant watchers

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore What we already knew: Plants grow in soil and require sunlight, water, and oxygen. Plants can grow flowers and food. They also create and use their own food for energy. In class we’ve learned: We’ve learned the steps of photosynthesis and other elements that plants require to thrive. What questions interest us?: Can plants grow with very limited sunlight? Can certain plants grow with very limited water?
Research Question We decided to study how the nutrient levels affect the colors of the plants’ leaves and stem. We thought of this question because we saw that certain plants in our current experiment had different color stems and wondered why. The question fits what we already know because we know that nutrient levels affect growth and development but we don’t know if they affect colors.
Predictions Possible outcomes of our experiment are that more nutrients can change the color of the leaves, stem, or flower compared to the plants with less nutrients in their soil, Plants could also change their colors in the process of growth.
Experimental Design Use the plants we have already started growing in-class, keeping them watered, measured, and healthy. While measuring the growth and development, we will watch to see which plants have which specific colors and if they have more or less nutrients. We will also watch the color of the flowers as they sprout and see if they are affected by the nutrient levels or by the colors of the leaves or stems.