4.2 Fantastic Four

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore We knew that plants need sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and glucose. In class, we learned that plants also require the essential elements (Mo, Zn, Fe, C, O, P, K N, Mg, Cu, Cl, B, H, S, Mn). We also learned that plants need elemental nutrients in order to complete their life cycle, help perform specific functions and for structural support and cell growth. We want to know what their different developmental stages are.
Research Question What effect will very high nutrient levels have on our “fast plants?” We know that plants need nutrients in order to grow and develop, but we don’t know if too much nutrients will kill the plant.
Predictions The fast plants that were given a very high nutrients level will die. We think this because we know that sometimes if you over fertilize a plant that it will die and we want to know if this experiment.
Experimental Design We will build another planter the exact same way that we made the two in our whole class experiment. We will still put 6 seeds in it, but instead of 6 and 24 pellets of fertilizer, we will put 48 pellets of fertilizer in it. The plant will still stay in the growth chamber like the other planters. We will measure and observe the same variables that we measured for the whole class experiment (Days to emerge, leaf color, stem color, days to flower, days to fruit, height(mm), length of first leaf(mm), quantity of true leaves, quantity of flowers, and quantity of seed pods.) We will also record our data in the same tables that we used for the whole class experiment.