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bhsladdspring2019 project 2

Project by group bhsladdspring2019

Explore What does the pH level of soil indicate about the plant's growth? What does watering plants with more acidic water cause?
Research Question What effect does varying pH levels within the water we water the plants with have on the growth of the plant?
Predictions We predict that the plant watered with water, usually having a pH of about 7 will grow tallest because this is what plants are typically watered with. We then predict the plant watered with more acidic water will be next tallest because acid rain does occasionally occur and so this is something that is not completely foreign to plants. Lastly, we predict the plant watered with the basic solution will be shortest because we don't often hear of naturally basic liquids falling from the sky.
Experimental Design We plan to plant 3 radish seeds, all with equal amounts of the same soil. We then will fill three beakers with water. We will add baking soda to one of the beakers to make it more basic and add vinegar to it to make it more acidic. Then we will a designated amount of the solution to the plants, one beaker full of solution for each plant and ensure not to mix them up. We will track their growth over time.
Investigation Theme AFW
Session Spring 2019
School Bethlehem High School
Student Level(s) High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)