bhchsgonzalezspring2020 project 2

Project by group bhchsgonzalezspring2020

Explore Some of the things that we know about plants from our experiences outside of school are how people enjoy flowers on certain holidays like Valentine's day or Mother's day. We also know that plants need the basic necessities like sunlight, oxygen, and water to survive. we've discovered in class how important the soil is around the plant and how it plays a very important role in the flowers growth. we saw a video called "The Botany Of Desire" which showed us how important tulips have been in society. this could be connected to how people buy roses for their loved ones because they're beautiful. Some questions we have are what other uses do plants have? What are the negative impacts of the decrease in certain plants? And what are some ways plants can contribute to our society?
Research Question The research question we chose was "what will happen if we put a small seed and a bigger seed together?" We came up with it just to see what would happen or how they would grow.
Predictions We predicted that It would grow into a hybrid of both plants or possibly one of the plants would die off while the other plant lived.
Experimental Design What we did to start our experiment was make holes about 2 inches deep and put squash and turnip seeds 4 cm apart. From there, we just watered it and observed. Our independent variable is same sized seeds and our dependent variable is different size seeds. we will be measuring how tall they grow and if one of them die off or survive. we will record our data on a notebook which will then be transferred to a poster.
Conclusion We noticed that the plants that were close together started to die out a little bit and our plants that were planted further apart were still healthy and growing faster than the plants that were close together. So we came to the conclusion that plants need more space to grow safely and get enough nutrients.