Project by group bcsboylespring2019

Explore We know the difference between monocots and dicots We also know what photosynthesis is and how important it is to a plant We know what cotyledons are We know corn is a monocot We would like to know more about how much moister corn needs Does the type of seed matter How fast can corn grow
Research Question Will different temperatures effect the germination of corn seeds?
Predictions Room Temp will grow Highest, Heated 2nd highest , cold room lowest over the same amount of time
Experimental Design Corn seeds, soil, water, cup, plant heater, Step 1: Gather materials Step 2: put soil in cups Step 3: Put the corn seeds in the soil Step 4: Put 10 corn plants in a cold room Step 5: Put 10 corn plants in a room at room temp. Step 6: Put 10 corn plants under a plant heater Step 7: Water the plants Step 8: Check the plants once a day for 2 weeks
Conclusion We learned that corn plants grow very well under heat
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Bangor Christian Schools
Session Spring 2019