The Four Musketeers

Project by group bcsboylefall2021

Explore Plants need sunlight, food, water and energy to live. Without plants there wouldn't be any life on earth. Trees release oxygen to humans and animals who then release carbon dioxide back to the plants. There are two major types of root systems: fibrous root systems and taproot systems. Some flowers can be used to help humans sleep (lavender, jasmine, aloe vera, etc.). The juice from bluebell flowers was used historically to make glue. Trees clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. A single sunflower is actually a cluster of hundreds of flowers, but in seed form. Sunflowers actually cleanup nuclear waste.
Research Question How do different soils and water affect the growth of a seed? We came up with this question out of curiosity, we know that plants grow well in some soils, with regular water, but we wondered, will plants grow in different kinds of soil (Fertilized soil, regular soil, sandy soil, rocky soil), while watered with different kinds of water (sugar water, regular water, salt water)?
Predictions According to our knowledge, we think the plant with fertilized soil and sugar water will grow better because, fertilized soil has always made stuff grow better, we also think that the plant with the sand and salt water is not really going to grow, because corn does not grow in the sea soil.
Experimental Design We are planting 40 corn seeds, 10 of them will be grown in fertilized soil and it will be watered with sugar water, another 10 is to be grown in sand and be watered with salt water, making it similar to sea soil, another 10 is to be planted in chalky soil (soil with chalk) and the last 10 will be planted normally, we are to see which corn seed grows the best in the different soil types.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Stacy Boyle
School Name Bangor Christian Schools
Session Fall 2021