~The Succulent Sisters~

Project by group bcsboylefall2021

Explore So far, what we know about plants is that they are separated into two groups, monocots and dicots. We also know plants grow through a process called photosynthesis and require sunlight, water, and oxygen. Most of our group has experience in raising plants at home.
Research Question How do different habitats (sand, rock, mulch) effect the growth of a seed (land cress)?
Predictions The prediction that we made is that the materials that retain the most water will be the best at supporting life. Also the plants roots will adapt to their soil.
Experimental Design We are going to plant 10 land cress seeds in mulch, 10 in sand, and 10 in a rocky soil. We will monitor their growth and write down our observations in our notebooks every Monday and Thursday. Every observation day we will try to update the page.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Stacy Boyle
School Name Bangor Christian Schools
Session Fall 2021