the bean squad

Project by group bcsboylefall2020

Explore I have learned a lot about buckwheat. It is a dicot and has two cotyledon. It grows best in sandy loam. It does not need to be watered often. Buckwheat can grow well at room temperature (70* F). Also, the seed germinates within three to five days. We are wondering if the extra sugar in the Powerade and electrolytes will make the monocot grow better.
Research Question If we use Gatorade , water, and Powerade Zero, to water buckwheat we think that Gatorade will help grow Buckwheat the best.
Experimental Design We are using water as our control, Gatorade as our independent variable, and Powerade Zero is also our independent variable. We think that since Gatorade has more sugar it will grow better . We are using loam as our growing materials, and using K-cups to grow the seed in. This is the basis for our experiment.