Project by group bcsboylefall2020

Explore That plants form photosynthesis that produces oxygen for man kind. That there are many plants that I thought were from Maine but ended up to be an invasive plant. How do they make their own food?
Research Question we want to see which light will help the plant and which will kill the plant. well we thought of how the sun has a lot of different colors. so we were going to see which works the best. they fit because the topic is about the lights so we were going to break down the colors of the sun into there individual.
Experimental Design We will have four cardboard boxes, each with a volume of 216 cubic centimeters. Each will have ten cups, which will be five nasturtium seeds and five corn seeds. each box will be equipped with a two lights, and each box will have a different light. We will use blue lights, red lights, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and the sun, which will be a control.