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Explore What everyone has all known since childhood, is that leaves and the grass become green and flowers blossom in the spring time and they change to colors like orange, yellow, and red in the fall. What we have learned in class is why plants go through photosynthesis and we have went more into the detail of why, we have also talked about benefits plants have on us. Why do some plants grow better in the shade?
Research Question Does the intensity of light affect photosynthesis? We came up the question because we knew that light affects photosynthesis but we wanted to know how the intensity affected it. This question fits the topic because it questions how photosynthesis works and how it creates biproducts
Predictions One of our predictions is that if the intensity of light is more affective, that the process of photosynthesis will go faster. We think this will happen since it’s closer to the light we are using the process will go faster.
Experimental Design The plan for this experiment is to make leaf disks float with different intensity’s of light and seeing how fast the leaf disks float due to photosynthesis.
Conclusion A claim we can make from our experiment is that light intensity doesn’t really affect the speed of photosynthesis. A possible explanation of the results is that photosynthesis can only go so fast even with more light. The evidence we had showed that the medium and far floated later but around the same amount floated (for example 5-6 minutes both of them stayed at 4 and 5) ,but the closest one slowly floated at a constant rate( every single minutes another leaf or two floated other than the last two minutes). Future experiments done over these results could actually adjust the amount of light instead of changing the height of the light and make it last longer to see if more leaf disks would float.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Sarah Tschauder
School Name Atchison High School
Session Fall 2023


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