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Explore This is occurring because the salt water is more concentrated than the celery. The celery therefore wants to dilute this salt water, so the water in the celery goes out. This lower turgor pressure which causes cells to shrivel and make it flimsy. The pure solution less concentrated than the celery. Therefore the water is going in more than it is is coming out. This increases the pressure causing the celery to bend and become stiff.
Research Question Does celery bend more based on the length?
Predictions Our prediction the longer the celery is the more it will bend. As well as the salt solution celery will bend less than the pure water solution.
Experimental Design We will preform a third celery experiment. To answer our question, does celery bend more based on the length? First, get six cups and label each cup with the length of celery, and type of water. We will fill six cups with 500 mL of tap water. We will then add 50 g of salt to three of the cups, then stir. Then we will cut celery into strips of 4, 6, and 8 inches long, all with a width of .5 in, two for each length(6 total). Next, we will place one stalk of celery into a different cup(1 per cup). Placing one of each length into a cup of regular water, and 10% salt water. Check celery every 24 hours and record your observations. Do this for two days, then compare your results.
Conclusion Our celery project was to find how the length/curve changes overtime in H20 and in a 10% salt solution. Through much trial and error, and changes in our experiment, we found that water causes celery to curve. We aren't 100% sure if what length bends more/less than another, being our 5 inch piece had the most curve of 38 degrees, and the 4 and 6 inch pieces were way behind at 3 and 4 degrees. The most important thing we learned from this experiment is that water was the cause of the curve and stiffness in the celery, whereas the salt causes the celery to be flimsy and not hold shape.
Investigation Theme CEL
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Emily Richbourg
School Name Anna-Jonesboro High School
Session Fall 2021