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Project by group ahhsrichbourgfall2021

Explore From our experiment we found that the more salt that was in the water the more bendable the celery became. When we did the food coloring we found that purple food dye does not show up well in celery within a 24 hour time period.
Research Question Will the celery become more bendable if more salt and water is added to the mixture?
Predictions Our prediction is that the 90% will cause the celery to shrivel up, the 50% will just be very bendy, and the 10% won't have much change after 24 hours.
Experimental Design For our experiment we are going to use nine different pieces of celery. We will put 200 mL of water in all three cups. In one cup we will have 10% salt, in another cup we will have 50% salt, and in the last cup we will have 90% salt. Our independent variable will be the salt. Our dependent variable will be the bend of the celery. We will measure the celery before and after the experiment. We will only be measuring the length, which will be 7cm.
Investigation Theme CEL
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Emily Richbourg
School Name Anna-Jonesboro High School
Session Fall 2021