aakoppendrayerspring2021 project 5

Project by group aakoppendrayerspring2021

Explore Seeds go through germination to become flowers. The flowers are pollinated by other pollinators to become plants.
Research Question How does temperature affect seed germination in Fava Beans?
Predictions I think that the warm temperature will work best on Fava Bean germination.
Experimental Design We put 4 fava beans in 4 different bags at 4 different temps: room temperature, warm temperature, fridge temperature, and freezer temperature.
Conclusion Room temperature works best. Then the second best temperature is the warm temperature. In third is the fridge temperature with little germination. And in last is freezer, which had VERY little germination.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Susan Koppendrayer
School Name Avail Academy
Session Spring 2021