aakoppendrayerspring2021 project 3

Project by group aakoppendrayerspring2021

Explore We discovered that plants need water, sunlight, and a good environment to survive. In class we have learned about all the parts and stages in a flower. We wonder if we soak a seed of a white plant in colored water will it turn that color?
Research Question If we soak a seed of a white plant in colored water will it turn that color?
Predictions It might work if we add enough dye. We think that the colored water will go into the seed and make the plant that color. The plant could be normal. The water and the dye might not have an affect on the plant. The seed might adapt to the colored water. The plant could have a stunted growth. they dye could have an effect on it's growth system. The plant might die. because of the dye. The plant could not even grow at all. maybe we killed it with the dye.
Experimental Design Measure 30 ML of water into each of the 9 petri dishes. Place 2 drops of red food coloring into 3 of the petri dishes. Put two drops of green food coloring in 3 other petri dishes. leve the last 3 dishes uncolored. Place 2 white Icicle radish radish seeds in each petri dish. Soak the seeds for 2 days then move to soil. Continue to water them with the corresponding colored water every other day. Place under the grow light.
Conclusion so far the water has done nothing to the young radish sprouts.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Susan Koppendrayer
School Name Avail Academy
Session Spring 2021