aakoppendrayerspring2021 project 2

Project by group aakoppendrayerspring2021

Explore Plants use smells and colors to attract pollinators. Most plants need light and heat to grow. Plants use photosynthisis.
Research Question Can you make a plant that is half a pea seed and half a Nasturium seed?
Predictions We think that it will germinate but they wont last long.
Experimental Design We will have 3 cups with l cup of soil in each cup. We will put 5 normal pea seeds in a cup and 5 normal nasturium seeds in a cup. Then you split a pea seed and a nasturium seed and put them together and make 5 of those and put them in a cup. you make sure their is the sam amount of light on each cup and put the same amount of water. Then hopefully when they germinate we can compare the different plants.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Susan Koppendrayer
School Name Avail Academy
Session Spring 2021