Gina Smearsoll


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    Cincinnati Christian Schools

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    I have been teaching introductory and advanced courses at the high school level for many years and now also teach at the introductory undergraduate level. My passion is engaging students in authentic investigations in the inquiry method. My M.S. in Biology is focused on advanced inquiry and the importance of inquiry in science and the classroom. I desire for students to not only learn biology concepts, but a way of thinking and learning that will ignite curiosity and excitement. I think it is important that students correctly learn and practice the steps of scientific investigations. By participating in authentic research, students gain an understanding of the methodology of science and how important it is to learn about the collection, organization, and analysis of data. These skills will cross over to other curricular areas as well as students learn to think logically and make sound conclusions, based on the support of data.

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    Cincinnati Christian Schools

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