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    Sunfleck Software

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    Research interests in plant physiology, horticulture, agriculture, food quality and nutrition, plant water relations, environmental stress, remote sensing, crop management, greenhouse crops.

    Personal interests in plant biochemistry, paleobotany, history of botany, non-flowering plants. And I develop educational video games, often with a botanical theme.

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    What is your favorite plant? Why?

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    I guess that would have to be the common tomato, since through my studies I’ve gotten to know it better than most plants. It’s amazingly resilient. It can survive and even flourish, for example, when its stem has been cut almost completely through. The leaves smell wonderful, with all those insect-deterring compounds found in the trichomes (hairs). And the fruit (which is actually a berry)… well, I could eat tomatoes all day, every day.

  • Profile Question 2
    What is best about being a scientist?

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    Without question, the thrill of scientific discovery. It may sound a bit cliché, but it’s so rewarding to be able to contribute to a collective understanding of the natural word through scientific research. I’ve always found that the fascination of science lies with the details, and being able to uncover new details, no matter how small, is an amazing feeling. And being around other people (scientists) who feel the same way is very stimulating.

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    What is tough about being a scientist?

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    Research does not always go according to plan – experiments don’t always work as expected or fail outright, so hypotheses must be revisited. But that’s part of the process of discovery. The stuff that I don’t particularly like largely has to do with the ‘business’ of science… the bureaucracy, the grant writing, the committees. But its my passion for actually ‘doing’ science that keeps me going despite these (admittedly necessary) distractions.

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