Beth-Ann M Shepley


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    Avon Middle-High School

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    I teach high school Biology (mostly first-year and AP Biology) in a small suburban east coast town that is adjacent to one of the largest cities in the state. For many years, our school community was very homogeneous. More recently, however, our student population has become increasingly diverse--both culturally and economically. It is my mission to ensure that our students have the biological knowledge necessary to make informed decisions in their life—in the doctor’s office or in the voting booth. And yet, I have become increasingly convinced that how much of this content students will be able to access is directly linked to the connections we make on a personal level with students and with their families. At the same time, I am not persuaded that the traditional ways in which we have made these connections remains effective. In particular, I look forward to working with colleagues in different ways, from a variety of disciplines and teaching communities to explore the ways in which educators are creating culturally responsive educational communities.

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    Avon Middle-High School

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