Danielle Rae Begley-Miller


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    Teatown Lake Reservation

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

  • Research Interests (300 words)
    Abiotic and biotic influences on forest understory plant community structure and composition in temperate forests

  • Profile Question 1
    What is the coolest thing you have discovered or learned about plants?

  • Answer the question you selected for profile question 1 here (300 words):
    Some of them are parasitic, like Indian pipe (Monotropa uniflora). That means they aren't green and get their nutrients from other plants or fungi instead of from the sun through photosythensis.

  • Profile Question 2
    Can you describe your attitude toward science when you were in high school?

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    I thought science was really dry and boring and I didn't think I was good at it. Once I got to college, though, I realized that science was actually really cool and I could learn a lot of new things by doing it. I learned that science isn't just about the parts of the cell, it's also about plants, animals, bugs, and a whole lot more!

  • Profile Question 3
    What was the first science experiment you ever designed? How did it turn out?

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    When I was in college I designed a project to look at how much yield in a soybean field was lost to deer browsing. We got some really cool results, and found out that deer actually reduced yield by about 50% on the edges of soybean fields. I got a paper published out of it and was really proud of my work.

  • Availability
    I am NOT available, please temporarily remove me from the available mentor list

  • Capacity: How many teams at a time are you comfortable working with?

Skills & Endorsements

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    Laurie Abo
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    Laurie Abo
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    Laurie Abo
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    Laurie Abo
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    Laurie Abo