Alyssa Gunderson


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    University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I am interested in anything in natural resources but particularly in soil science and waste resources.

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    What is a typical day like for you?

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    My job offers me a very diverse to-do list. I am primarily a laboratory technician for the soil and waste department on our campus. On a typical day, I might ask a professor what their lab activity will be for the following week and then get it prepared. This might consist of mixing up chemicals that will be used to extract nutrients from soil samples, preparing media that students will grow microorganisms in, setting up columns that will be used to measure water transport through soil, collecting hazardous waste, calibrating lab instruments, and sometimes even collecting a sample of wastewater from the wastewater treatment lab! Often times though, I am getting field equipment ready for students to visit lakes, rivers, wetlands, groundwater well fields, farm fields and even landfills.

    The less fun part of my day is reserving computer labs and vehicles for classes, making photo copies of assignments, or organizing meetings. My favorite part of my job though is teaching! I get to teach lab sections of Introduction to Soil and Water Resources during the school year and a one week Watershed Evaluation Techniques in the summer that is entirely field based.

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    Can you share a funny/interesting lab or field story?

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    There was one time a professor had to be gone and asked me to fill in for his lab. I wanted to do a demonstration for the students in the beginning of class so they could see how to do the lab. The students needed to pipette a small amount of liquid into their beakers. So I lifted up the pipette pump and said, "the first thing you're going to want to do is," all of a sudden the glass pipette tip fell and smashed to pieces in front of everyone. At least it relieved some of the nerves I was feeling being in front of them for the first time as the whole class erupted with laughter. That, most certainly, was not the first thing I wanted them to do.

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    What is your favorite plant? Why?

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    My favorite plant is orange jewel weed (Impatiens capensis), sometimes called touch-me-not. I above all else just find the flowers to be beautiful. This plant grows along the banks of lakes and rivers and in wetlands, and I have an affinity for water loving plants. It fascinates me that these plants adapt to live in generally unfavorable conditions, such as being wet most of the time.

    Its translucent stems can be broken open to reveal its healing "juice." The sap from jewel weed can eliminate the itching and burning sensation caused by poison ivy or stinging nettle. Just break it open and rub it on your skin. Funny enough, jewel weed is often found growing next to these pesky plants.

    The name jewel weed might come from the fact that the flower dangling looks like a jewel dangling from a necklace. It could also be because if you hold a leaf underwater, the underside shimmers with a silvery color. The name touch-me-not comes from the fact that when a developed seed pod is touched, it launches the seeds up to four feet away! It's super cool, and I encourage you to try it if you see one.

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