Shannon Call


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    Western Washington University

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    Terrestrial ecology, especially with regards to vegetation composition in riparian habitat as it impacts salmon habitat in the Pacific Northwest.

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    What is your favorite plant? Why?

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    I like rushes. They are much like grasses, except they are totally round! I think they are so interesting because they make such beautiful flowers and all are so unique! They stay green year-round, which is nice in the winter.

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    When and why did you decide to go into a science career?

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    I couldn't decide on a major in college. I was sifting through the list available at my university when I came upon the term botany. I asked myself, "What is that??" Who knew I could get a degree in PLANTS! I wanted a job where I could get paid to be outside in wild areas.

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    Can you share a funny/interesting lab or field story?

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    I was sampling in the Idaho backcountry a few years ago. My team mate and I were standing waist deep in a crystal clear stream. When we saw something swimming toward us. It was HUGE. It turned out to be a salmon over two feet long, on the last days of its life, making the last leg of its last migration.

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Thank you for sharing your learning style with me! I think we, as humans, learn best by interacting with our projects and with hands on activities. I'm excited to be part of your experiment!

cfern reproduction Shannon Call

Hi Kayla,

Thanks for your patience as I am finally able to spend some time on PlantingScience. I work with high school students everyday in my current job! So, to answer your question, yes I have worked with high school students - a lot! I…

cfern reproduction Shannon Call

Hi Enola,

Glad to have you here! Thanks for sharing your best learning style! I like to learn like you, with lots of repetition. 

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