Betsy Justus Briju


  • Time Zone

  • Organization
    Ohio University

  • Role
    Other (partner, advisor, curriculum developer)

  • Biography (300 words):
    I am an educator in plant sciences who loves including hands-on experiences as much as possible in my instruction. I want students to explore by themselves and try to provide tools to pick their interest. I get inspired by students' interest in plants.
    I am a person who enjoys working with students. Field trips are my favorite!

  • Please describe your involvement with the PlantingScience program (300 words):
    I am involved with Planting Sciences since 2006 while being a grad student at Ohio University. The best part of Planting Science is that we could be anywhere in the world and can instill the love of plants to students anywhere in the world. I was able to see the students' interest in the projects and being a part of their project is exciting. Thankful for the teachers and other personnel facilitating this process!