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    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    My research background similar to your research makes me a strong candidate to be a post-doctoral student under your guidelines. I believe that my experience in conducting field experiments and campaigns as equally as lab experiment, good knowledge on whole plant physiology of trees, and modeling skill for water balance under changing climate would be particularly beneficial to this position.

    My interest in physiology and plant hydraulic under changing environmental arise dates back to my high school education where I took both biology and physics as main disciplines. During my undergraduate and graduate career I explored a wide range of topics directly and indirectly associated with environmental physiology, micrometeorology, and plant hydraulics implementing a large arsenal of physiological tools. I received a B.Sc in Agriculture Sciences at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (80% grade point average) followed by a M.Sc degree in Agriculture Sciences (Soil and Water Sciences) at The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Hebrew University, Israel (90% grade average).
    In coming future I am interstate to endeavors large scale of ecological physiology in future climate change in both agriculture and forest research sector. I would love to explore biophysics and its direct/indirect regulatory mechanism in physiology and anatomy of plants. Further, I am looking forward to work on exciting research topic related to physiological tipping points for water, carbon and nutrient uptake of various species in changing climate. And more than this; I am also open with independent research and inclusion of my own ideas on your project.

    During my five/six years of Hebrew university as a master and doctoral student, I have mastered in many aspects of the field of environmental physiology like; water and nutrient uptake and balance via measurement and modelling, irrigation management using automatic sensor technology, plasticity of architecture, morphology, anatomy, and physiology under abiotic stress, and plant and ecosystem carbon fluxes .I have also keen interest and good experiences on research related to photosynthesis, sap flow, plant hydraulics, and molecular physiology in trees. Technically, I am export on LICOR 6400XT, Sap flow sensor (TDP), dendrometer, soil sensor, MIniRhizotron, micrometeorological tool, datalogger (Cambell Scientific), Pressure Chamber, High Pressure Flow meter (HPFM), Flame Photometer, Atomic Adsorption, Microtone, and basic knowledge on PCR and QPCR, and more. I have also good experience on image processing tool like ROOTSNAP, ROOTFLY and ImajeJ, and basic knowledge on programming language like SAS, R and MATLAB.

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    I was a big fan of a great scientist like-Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin when I rad their biography in class 9, and then I just started to dream to follow their's footprint.

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    What is best about being a scientist?

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    I can,t imagine what would have me, if not a scientist. Probably, naturalist, or environmental advocate, or maybe something else that I don,t know. Anyway, the best part of being a scientist is trying to solve the many curious, surprising and amazing things around your own surroundings. Most importantly, I am trying to protect our mother nature for future generations through my scientific activities, which is amazing!

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    What is tough about being a scientist?

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    You should not comprise to be creative, hard worker, and patients.

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