Rob Harbert


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    Stonehill College

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I am broadly interested in quantifying the spatial patterns of (plant) biodiversity driven by environmental factors. My major focus is on developing tools for the characterization of plant species climate niche in a probabilistic framework to facilitate estimation of climate parameters from plant community data as well as inference of species distributions from presence-only data. Recently this has facilitated the development of a paleoclimate estimation method that has been applied to a 30,000 year long fossil record of western North America.

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    The best thing about being a scientist is the feeling of exploration. People think there is nothing left to discover in the world today. Everything is on the Internet, right? I am driven to learn more everyday because I do get to explore the world in ways that can be truly unique. That is why I became a scientist and why I am lucky to be able to pursue a career as a scientist.

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    Empetrum rubrum. A South American "heath", the family Ericaceae that grows in the Patagonian region of Argentina and adjacent areas in Chile. In cooler areas of the Patagonian Steppe Empetrum rubrum can form "fairy rings" suggesting very long lived plants that propagate clonally. If these are truly clonally growing they may be some of the oldest living things on earth.

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    I am NOT available, please temporarily remove me from the available mentor list

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AJ, Larry Rob Harbert

Hi guys, sorry to be so long in checking in.

It looks like you have a lot of good observations and measurement data at this point. However, the narrative version is getting hard to read in these posts. I would suggest putting the measurements…

AJ, Larry Rob Harbert

This looks like a really cool experiment you have going. Great setup!

From your pictures and data it looks like you have two interesting dependent variables to be thinking about. 1) Time to germinate / Percent germinated at day X, and 2) Plant…

AJ, Larry Rob Harbert

Cool data so far! The 18on/6off treatment seems to be making the plants sprout and grow faster than the other treatments.


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