Jeannie Long


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    Cleveland High School

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    I have a PhD with a focus on Science Education with a Cognate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I have an MS in Environmental Science. My research focus in education involves engaging students in authentic science experiences. My research focus in environmental science involves examining water quality, habitat, and biota in stream ecosystems. I am a high school science teacher at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Tennessee. I have twenty years’ experience teaching high school including the following courses: Biology I A and B, Biology I, Biology I Honors, Biology II, Advanced Placement Biology, Dual Enrollment Biology, Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Dual Enrollment Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Seminar (Capstone), Marine Science (Virtual), and Anatomy and Physiology. I have also taught a course I designed, Aquatic Biology (Scientific Research) Honors. At the community college level, I have taught 1st and 2nd level Biology and Environmental Science Courses (lecture and lab sections). While I have not taught elementary school, I have worked extensively with my high school students to design outreach science programs for elementary school students. My teaching philosophy involves training students to be scientists. I teach science content embedded in science practices.

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    Cleveland High School

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