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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I am interested in a variety of things. I have an interest in exotic and invasive species and the role they play in an ecosystem, and the different control methods used to eliminate them. Economic botany has also fascinated me as well. What I would like to do in the future ( possibly grad school) would be to research invasives more in depth, or study plant-insect interactions, as I am highly interested in them as well/

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    Do you have advice for students about preparing for a science career?

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    It's normal to not know what you want to do exactly right away; I didn't. I was a biology major in college who had little interest in biology in high school. Taking the right class can just make something click. I took as many classes as I could with a field component, and a variety of them. I learned what I liked, and what I didn't. And science isn't always straight forward or easy, but don't give up. Don't let someone tell you it's not a good career path, if it's something that you have interest in, and something you love doing; go for it!

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    What is best about being a scientist?

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    I think the best thing about being a scientist is that you are constantly learning new things, and meeting new people. You have the ability to study so many different things, and travel to so many places. Science relates to almost everything in life so it's cool to be doing something so relevant, and that can make such an impact on peoples lives.

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    Can you share a funny/interesting lab or field story?

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    Last summer, I was interning at my college's field station. My project was to do a characterization of the plant communities along a local creek, and there were 3 parcels of land we had to survey. I went out into the field one day with my adviser and two other interns to see what the best way to access the property would be. We started out in an old pasture, looking at some of the plants and trees growing there and made our was into the forested are of the property. All we had with us that day was a basic property map that outlined the boundaries and nothing more. We knew that there were a few ponds, and different forest types, and the general direction we were heading in, but little did we know that a family of beavers had moved in and changed a bit of the landscape. We ran into a huge pond that the beavers had dammed up, and there was no possible way to go through it, so we had to go around it. This meant walking right over the pile of debris that the beavers had created... Not one of the best things to do. After that little hiccup, we got turned around and lost in the woods... We didn't have a compass or GPS to tell us where we were, so we just kept walking in the direction that my professor thought was right. That led us straight into a Cedar Swamp not only were we lost but we were lost in a swampy area without the right gear. So we trudged through there (almost losing our boots a few times) and came out to a grassy hay field near the road. We had to walk alongside the road for about 1.5 miles until we reached our vehicle. It was a day of complete unpreparedness, but we learned our lesson (a few new plants) and were able to laugh about it the next day!

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