Patricia Ehlers


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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    Horticulture, Agriculture, Soil Science

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    What is the coolest thing you have discovered or learned about plants?

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    The coolest thing I've learned about plants is that they can communicate, and in more ways than one! Not only do they communicate via volatile gases, but they use mycorrhizae as well!

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    When and why did you decide to go into a science career?

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    I have decided to pursue a life of science because I've always been too curious for my own good.

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    What is a typical day like for you?

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    I currently maintain 14 different green-spaces throughout the Bronx, NYC for the community.

  • Availability
    I am currently available for mentoring, please send me team match invitations

  • Preferred Investigation Themes
    The Wonder of Seeds (seed germination and growth)
    Foundations of Genetics (traits, variation and environment in rapidly cycling Brassica)
    C-Fern in the Open (sexual reproduction, alternation of generations)
    The Power of Sunlight (photosynthesis and respiration)
    What about Pollen? (pollen and pollination)

  • Capacity: How many teams at a time are you comfortable working with?

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Best regards,


Team 6c 1 Patricia Ehlers

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