Clare R Taylor


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  • Organization
    Plant Sciences Inc

  • Role
    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

  • Research Interests (300 words)
    I work for a Strawberry company. I help to diagnose what is wrong when the plants get sick. I also help the scientists who work to breed sweeter and nicer berries.

  • Profile Question 1
    What is a typical day like for you?

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    A typical day for me starts by going to the lab/office where I keep my fungal culture collection. I grow the fungi in Petri plates of agar. These fungi are the pathogens which make strawberry plants sick. Then I go the greenhouse where I have lots of strawberry plants of all different varieties. I use the fungi that I have grown to infect the plants. Then I figure out which varieties are resistant to the disease. These varieties are the best ones to use for breeding because they won’t get sick and die so they will make more berries.

  • Profile Question 2
    What is your favorite plant? Why?

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    My favourite plant is a sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) because when you touch it the leaves close very fast. It’s unusual to see a plant which moves so quickly. Plus it has really pretty flowers. Look it up on you tube, it’s pretty neat.

  • Profile Question 3
    Do you have advice for students about preparing for a science career?

  • Answer the question you selected for profile question 3 here (300 words):
    My advice to you is to choose classes that are interesting to you and that you enjoy. You will naturally work harder and do better in the areas that you like. You will instinctively think of scientific questions in areas that interest you. Don’t just go into a field of study because someone says that “it will earn you more money” or “I will only pay for your tuition if you study x” Just choose what interests you and what you like.

  • Availability
    I am currently available for mentoring, please send me team match invitations

  • Capacity: How many teams at a time are you comfortable working with?

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