Gaber Hassan Elsayed


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    Port Said official Languages School

  • Role
    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    My teaching is focusing on enabling students to learn more than they would on their own. By using methodologies promote student-based learning and scientific method of thinking, connecting students to their real-life and their environment through curricula and extra-curricula activities, using ICT in education and connecting students with their peers in other schools and around the world in educational projects.
    I am interested in teacher professional development programs ,by my own research, by the educational administration or by the Ministry of Education, as well as activities that make science education interesting for students.
    My mission now is to teach science and supervise the teaching of science in my school and participate as a trainer in professional development programs for science teachers

  • School name
    Port Said Official Languages School

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    Mohamed Elgammal

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    (not set)