Katherine M D'Amico-Willman


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    The Ohio State University

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    My research interests are primarily centered on trees and tree genetics. Trees can be incredibly long-lived organisms, yet the impacts of aging and age-related disorders in tree species is lacking. I am interested in studying the impacts aging can have on trees, particularly those that are important fruit and nut producers. To accomplish this goal, I work on plant genetics, trying to uncover differences in the genomes of healthy tress compared to those exhibiting signs of aging-related disorders. I am particularly interested in a field called epigenetics, which is related to changes in a genome where the nucleotide sequence itself is not altered. These epigenetic modifications can take several forms and have been implicated in aging-related disorders such as arthritis in humans. The impacts these epigenetic changes have on aging trees is still relatively unknown. I am interested in working to better understand how epigenetic changes occur in aging trees and how these changes might contribute to the development of age-related disorders in these species.

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