Sarah Venturi


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    West Noble School High School

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    My name is Sarah Keefer Venturi. I have 11 years of teaching experience, equally divided between middle and high school. I currently teach environmental science and biology at West Noble High School, a rural school with just over 700 students. My greatest teaching loves are outdoor education and ecology. This past summer I completed my M.S. in Science Education through Montana State University, and I was able to spend one week studying wildlife ecology in Yellowstone National Park. I’m excited to get students doing extended inquiry this fall, and I’m hoping to take full advantage of our brand new greenhouse facility. This will be my first year bringing students to Planting Science, and it I feel it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect students with experts in the field, collaborating on real science.

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    West Noble High School

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