SFFS Porter Spring 2021

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25 Jan 2021

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Teacher Name

Jeffrey Porter

School Name

San Francisco Friends School

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Investigation Theme



Spring 2021

Student Level(s)

Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)


Sixth grade student outcomes: understanding the process of seed germination and the link between seeds, plants and ecosystems, the diversity and adaptations of seeds, gaining experience corresponding with scientists. Teacher outcomes: facilitation of student investigations in plant science, and student interactions with scientists in the field. In addition, I would like to refine and extend my experience communicating with mentors and the PlantingScience staff.

Time Away

No, the project is scheduled to start and end between 2 breaks.

Course Name and Description

This is a general 6th grade science course with an emphasis on project and inquiry based learning, so this unit will allow students to use the inquiry skills they have gained and their knowledge about experimental design.

Science background and language skills

The students are highly motivated and have a good science background for their grade level. There are 6 ESL students with Spanish as their first language.

Additional Information

Our schedule is in flux - after being entirely remote for months, we have just started a hybrid schedule where the students are in school 2 days a week and online 3 days. By the time we start the project, it is possible that we will be in school 4 days a week. From my experience last year when we did the project entirely remote, I have learned a lot about how to work with the project if there is a portion of it that is remote. Last year was more successful than I thought it might be. As you may recall, we had just started the project when we abruptly moved into distance learning. This year, we may be able to run the bulk of the project in school - we've reduced our class sizes and increased the number of classes to maintain healthy and safe protocols at school. I find working with PlantingScience to be a highlight of my teaching year and the students get a lot from the experience. My personal goal is to continue to improve on implementing this project and refine my communication with you and the mentors. I am grateful for the knowledge, guidance, and support you provide and look forward to working with you again. Thank you!