NE Buzzell Spring 2018

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05 Feb 2018

About the Group

Teacher Name

Rebecca Buzzell

School Name

Nottingham Elementary

Public Description

I would like my students to experience success in designing and carrying out an experiment where they can learn about real world science applications and also how plants live and adapt.

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Investigation Theme



Spring 2018

Student Level(s)

Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)

Time Away

the week of 2/26/2018 is a winter break for our school

Course Name and Description

7th grade life science

Science background and language skills

The three classes I have this year are heterogeneously grouped. One class has more struggling learners in it than the other two. I have quite a few students who are highly motivated and interested in science.

Additional Information

My students are a diverse bunch! Some are highly motivated and others struggle with math and reading. I have no ESL students. Most of my struggling students are in one class, but it is still a heterogeneous group.