MHS Keeler Spring 2018

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05 Feb 2018

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Jason Keeler

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Marion Jr/Sr High School

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My big goal is for students to have a science 'experience' where they 'do' the work of a scientist. I think the online setting causes my students to see the project as more than just an everyday investigation but one that has validity outside of the classroom because they post their projects online and because of their interaction with other students and their mentors.

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Spring 2018

Student Level(s)

Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)

Time Away

Spring break is right after our scheduled finish date.

Course Name and Description

Science 7

Science background and language skills

My group of students is pretty varied in experience and ability. I have some students who have had many experiences with seeds and plants and some that have not. Some are very good at communication for a 7th grade student and others that really struggle. It is an inclusion classroom with multiple SPED students who have a variety of educational limitations. For the most part students lack a significant amount of experience conducting investigations from the start to the finish. We have done a few smaller investigations this year but this is our largest and most independent student investigation of the year. They will likely need a lot of encouragement to include detail in their communication and in their descriptions of the investigation and data.