KMS Lamont Fall 2019

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08 Sep 2019

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Christine Lamont

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Kenney Middle School

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Fall 2019

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Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)


I would like my students to have contact with professional scientists outside our small rural community. I am developing an elective curriculum around the theme of farm to table. I think model you are using is a great way to give students a more authentic experience of science than I can alone. The pollen unit would fit well with my section on plant structure and function. I know how much the students enjoyed looking at different pollens, to add a more rigorous science background to this would be very exciting.

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Classes meet alternate days

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Farm to Table, middle school elective science class

Science background and language skills

I have small classes of motivated students. They have had very little hands on experience, but are very willing to try things.

Additional Information

My classes meet on alternate days. I was a medical researcher, reearch I am familiar with, plants not so much!. The school district is very small but will be very supportive of anything we want to try.