HHS Hofeld Fall 2017

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05 Sep 2017

This group contains the Fall 2017 PlantingScience projects from Harrah High School, led by teacher Jennifer Hofeld and scientist-liaison Kate Eisen.

My goal for my students to gain a deeper understanding of photosynthesis and cellular respiration by using the Power of Sunlight module as a discovery tool. I hope that working through the module will also help students begin to see themselves as scientists and better understand the processes of science.

I am teaching six sections of Bio I; each section meets for 50 minutes Monday-Friday. I expect to start working with the module in mid-October and finish by Thanksgiving. During that time, students will be online two to three times per week. In my sections this year I do not have any ESL students, but I do have some students with IEPs (individualized education plans).

We are looking forward to a great session of PlantingScience!