Fall 2020 *STAR* Projects

Congratulations to Fall 2020 Star Project award-winning teams!

Sharing information and ideas to improve thinking for all is a very important part of science. In this section, we highlight a few exemplary research projects. We profile student teams at each age level whose overall research was strong, and who did an exceptional job at one or more aspects of scientific research and communication. The Star Projects listed on this page highlight some of the best projects nominated by our scientist mentors and teachers. Take a look at the hard work middle and high school students are doing around the world!

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Team Name Why is it a STAR project? How can other teams learn from what this team has done? School Category(ies) Nominated by:


The great updates and documentation from this team made it a fun project to follow along with. This group do the scientific process justice by methodically planning, executing, and recording their findings with in depth data collection and great pictures of their experimental set-up. They also showed resilience when some things didn't quite go as expected, a common experience as a scientist! Bangor Christian School Doing Investigations, Online Communication, Recording Your Ideas Kamalani Chock, Scientist Liaison

Couch Potato <3

The students did a great job of making update posts often. These posts were all well thought out and full of details. The mentor was very active and responded quickly to each post. They had great communication and were able to bounce ideas off of each other. California Academy of Mathematics and Science Online Communication Jessica Prosser, Scientist Liaison

camsdavispgstfall2020 project 5

The students in this team communicated their ideas clearly to their mentor, who provided excelletn feedback and suggestions, which the students followed and improved their project. They didn't fall in love with their original design, but were flexible in understanding the need for an adjustment. California Academy of Mathematics and Science Doing Investigations, Online Communication, Recording Your Ideas PlantingScience Staff

Does Size Matter?

Although the Fall 2020 session was atypical for all involved, this team did a great job at communicating effectively and thinking through their data to draw some conclusions. They even proposed future research directions based on their results! Griffin High School Making Sense of Findings, Online Communication Daniel Jones, Scientist Liaison

lostinderfall2020 project 1 Yoav, Toby, Benjamin

This team was organized, and took initiative in their project. They made an excellent presentation showing their results and conclusions. Live Oak School Making Sense of Findings Ana Flores, Scientist Liaison

The Tennis Team :)

The students and mentor both communicated frequently and well. There was evidence that the students took the project seriously and read up about the mechanisms involved in order to plan their project. The students also made plenty of observations over the course of the experiment, and communicated it to their mentor. The mentor was also very responsive, and open to questions about science and being a scientist and educator. Loudoun School for Advanced Studies Planning Your Study, Making Presentations, Online Communication Gwynne Lim, Scientist Mentor

Some Humans

This team took the results of their initial experiment and explored further questions. They also made an excellent poster and oral presentation of their results. Loudoun School for Advanced Studies Doing Investigations, Making Sense of Findings, Making Presentations, Online Communication, Innovation: Going Beyond the PlantingScience Project Julie Sohl, Teacher

wmacostfall2020 project 1

The year 2020 has become one of the most challenging years for all school across the globe. For this group of innovative students it was even more so as they found themselves having to work as a team in online working at 3 and sometimes 4 different locations across the globe. Yet these students found a way to run plant experiments, shared data in real time(although completely different time zones), and grow viable plants in the end. Students used seeds from food they ate and plants in their yards to look at the effect of light on growth. They used tools they designed to run the floating disks experiments at home. They then shared all of this with two scientists who were also in different countries as well. In addition, they got one their families involved an are developing small home gardens so they can have fresh vegetables at home. Wilbraham Monson Academy Online Communication, Innovation: Going Beyond the PlantingScience Project Mrs. Diana Cost, Teacher

Effects of composted soil on vegetable growth

Ths team has provided an excellent description of their project and their results. Miami Dade College Reording Your Ideas PlantingScience Staff

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