Fall 2016 PlantingScience *STAR* Projects

Congratulations to Fall 2016 Star Project award-winning teams!

Sharing information and ideas to improve thinking for all is a very important part of science. In this section, we highlight a few exemplary research projects. We profile student teams at each age level whose overall research was strong, and who did an exceptional job at one or more aspects of science research and communication. The Star Projects listed on this page highlight some of the best projects nominated by our scientist mentors and teachers. Take a look at the hard work middle and high school students are doing around the world!

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Category Grade Level Team Name Why is it a STAR project? (Click on the link for more insight on why these projects were chosen.)
Planning Your Study High School SHS Maclean Team 5 This project clearly shows the value and path of creative thinking in experimental design. The students began with their own separate ideas, but...
    Hour 7 Team 1 This group designed and developed their experiment after careful research about their chosen organism. Click here for more.
    NFA Courtsunis Team 4 This team completed the leaf disk assay in the photosynthesis module. They asked great questions about how to search the literature to develop a hypothesis. Click here for more.

Doing Investigations

High School Pollination 1 So much research...and perseverance! Guys had to replant several times. Kept researching. Click here for more.
    Team Starchild This group did a truly outstanding job recording their ideas and organizing a tremendously complicated data set. They had duplicates, control, and varied the intensity of light and plant type that seeds were exposed to. Click here for more.
    The Grow Nothing Party This team worked incredibly well together, posted updates as directed, had a well-thought-out question and hypothesis, and learned the importance of problem-solving when one aspect of their experiment went awry. Click here for more.
    Plantanators This group really engaged this project. They put a great deal of time into designing their experiment and trying to control all variables but the one being tested.Click here for more.

Making Sense of Findings

High School NFA Courtsunis Team 1 Team 1 did a great job in doing experiments and making an appealing interpretation of the data. Click here for more.
    Power Plant Girlz This team did a really great job of responding to my comments about developing specific hypotheses for how different colors of light would affect photosynthesis. Click here for more.

Making Presentations

Junior High SSS Indriolo Team 3 This team successfully completed all three of the inquiry labs to complete our pollination project. Read more here.
  High School HTHS Team #16 The five freshman students who designed this investigation worked well with their mentor in coming up with a research question that captivated the interest of their entire class. Click here for more.

Online Communication

High School GLCPS Cost Team 1 This team worked with their scientist during several experiments. They communicated and questioned back and forth respectfully and wholeheartedly. Click here for more.
    The A Team This team was very engaged with their mentor throughout the session. Click here for more.

Recording Your Ideas

High School PlantingMI6 HQ These four freshman students designed and conducted an experiment that combined their interest in Raspberry Pis with our...click here for more.

Innovation: Going Beyond the PlantingScience Project

High School    South Point Science 1 I think this is a star project because these students were enthusiastic and curious from the beginning to the end. Their mentor challenged them and was engaged throughout the process. Click here for more.

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